How to Repair a Esq Swiss Watch

by Pat Kennelly ; Updated September 28, 2017

Movado has been making quality watches for over 100 years

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Movado, a Swiss based watch company, designs, manufacturers and retails the ESQ Swiss watch. Although ESQ Swiss watches can be purchased online, the company recommends purchasing their watches from an authorized retailer. This ensures the watch will be covered by the manufacturer's warranty and helps consumers avoid falling victim counterfeiters. Take care of your ESQ Swiss and it will be yours to enjoy for many years to come.

Locate an authorized ESQ service center. Start by visiting and clicking the "Get Support" link. Here, you will enter your country and address information and the website will return a list of authorized repair centers serving your area.

Complete a repair and service request form. These are available online or at authorized ESQ service centers.

Pack the watch in an insured, padded envelope. Be sure to include the sales receipt, warranty protection card, the repair and service request form and a valid credit card number. If the repairs are not covered under the warranty, the form allows you to pre-authorize a specific repair amount or you can choose to wait for an estimate.

Mail the watch to Movado Group's Repair Department. The appropriate address will have been provided by the website, when you entered your location information.


  • Insure your watch package for the full amount before mailing in the package for repair.

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