How to Rent a Home for a Wedding

by Jennifer Eblin ; Updated September 28, 2017

You may want to rent a house for a wedding just for the beach views.

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Hosting a wedding in your own home comes with a host of problems, including obtaining permits, finding outdoor restrooms and dealing with guests who won’t leave. That’s why a number of brides rent private homes for their wedding. You still get the down-home feel of having a private wedding at home but without the hassles. Before renting a home, you have to consider a number of different factors.

Pick a destination for your wedding. Before starting to look at locations, you need an idea of where you want to get married. Be as specific as possible: for example, wanting a house within 30 minutes of Boston or a house with ocean-front views. This helps narrow the choices.

Look through your calendar and pick a wedding date. When you contact potential homeowners, you need to pass along your wedding date. They may have the house rented for that time period or charge a different rate, based on whether it’s during the high season or off season.

Contact realty agents working in the area who specialize in vacation homes and rental properties. Tell the agent exactly what you’re looking for, including how many guests you have and the times when you need the house. The agent can look through her listings and give you a full list of rental houses that meet your needs and requirements.

Visit each available location. Houses in real life sometimes vary significantly from the photos you see online or in packets from your realty agent. Check the landscaping of the house, the quality of the interior, the views and any other space your guests might come across during the wedding.

Ask questions about permits, seating, deposits and other issues. Inquire about using the interior bathrooms or if you need rental toilets outside. Once you find a rental house that fits your needs, put down a deposit based on the date of your wedding.


  • Consider renting a bed and breakfast, rather than a private home. Many bed and breakfasts host weddings and have rooms available for the bride and groom to prepare for the day and rooms for after the wedding.

    Before booking a bed and breakfast, ask about other guests. You may find that the facility stays open and has other guests booked for the weekend of your wedding, which may result in some awkwardness.

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