How to Remove Spots From Sperry Shoes

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The original Sperry Topsider shoe was designed for durability and traction by a boatsman during the 1930s. Today, the same shoe is made from a combination of leather, suede, rawhide or nubuck to withstand exposure to the elements. Still, things like salt water or accidental spills can stain the surface of the shoe.

Brush your Sperry shoes with a soft-bristled suede brush if they're made from suede or nubuck. That way you'll dust off any hardened stains that have turned to crust. Don't use this brush on any leather portion since you could cause scratching.

Squeeze a dime-sized amount of leather upholstery cleaner onto a cotton ball. Rub that over any leather stains or discoloration to return your Sperry shoes to their original glory.

Rinse the shoes in cool water to get rid of rings or stains from exposure to salt water. Leave the shoe in a well-ventilated room instead of a closed closet and let them dry completely before wearing them again.