How to Remove Size Sticker Residue From Denim Jeans


0:05 hello my name is Polina reuteman I'm a

0:07 costume designer and fashion stylist and

0:09 today we are Mary Maya clothing boutique

0:11 in Brooklyn New York

0:12 and the question I'm going to answer is

0:13 how do you remove size stick or residue

0:16 off your jeans a lot of jeans have the

0:19 little side stick or a size sticker on

0:21 it and then a lot of times when you take

0:22 it off sometimes it's still stay sticky

0:24 and then dirt gets caught in it and

0:26 nobody really wants that especially when

0:27 it's a brand new pair of jeans some of

0:29 the easiest quickest way to do it and

0:32 usually the most gentle on a pair of

0:34 jeans especially a new one that you

0:35 don't really wanted to stress too much

0:36 right off the bat is packing tape or

0:39 duct tape so I've already tore off a

0:41 piece of duct tape and you just hold it

0:44 however is comfortable for you with the

0:45 sticky side to touch the jeans and you

0:47 would just gently blot it over where the

0:50 residue is until all of it comes off now

0:53 if it's really stubborn residue and that

0:56 can happen from time to time if the

0:57 sticker was really stuck on for a while

0:59 or if it somehow melted on a little bit

1:01 because of heat my last resort because I

1:04 just don't want to distress the denim

1:06 too much is you take alcohol and you dip

1:09 a soft toothbrush in it and you really

1:11 gently would pretty much do the same

1:13 thing you did with the tape you would

1:14 just kind of gently tap it on and

1:17 scratch it off and it should take it off

1:19 and then you would just let it dry and

1:21 you're good to go

1:22 my name is Polina Reutemann and I just

1:23 told you how to get sticker fuzz off

1:26 your denim jeans thank you for watching