How to Remove Scratches From Glass or Plastic Eyeglasses

by Marshal M. Rosenthal ; Updated September 28, 2017

Eyeglasses bear the brunt of daily life and a scratch on their surface is often the result. You can remove scratches from your eyeglasses, regardless of whether the lenses are plastic or glass, by using a mild abrasive. A common cleaning solution found in most households can be used to clean the eyeglasses, providing you have a soft, lint-free cloth. The procedure to clean the eyeglasses should be done slowly and methodically to ensure that you stop once the scratch has been removed.

Wash the eyeglasses in tap water. Dry the eyeglasses with the soft cloth.

Spray a seconds worth of furniture polish on the lens with the scratch.

Rub an edge of the lint-free cloth against the scratch on the lens in a circular motion. Stop rubbing after five seconds have passed.

Examine the lens to see if the scratch has been removed. Repeat the procedure with the furniture polish spray and the lint-free cloth if the scratch is still visible.

Wash off the eyeglasses in tap water once the scratch has been removed. Dry the eyeglasses with the soft cloth.

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