How to Remove Old Stretch Marks Forever

by Holly L. Roberts ; Updated September 28, 2017

Stretch marks—those pink, reddish or purplish stripes that fade to silvery streaks on your thighs, rear and hips after major weight change—usually get less noticeable over time, but even old stretch marks can be unsightly. Although there's no way to make stretch marks completely disappear, there are ways to make old stretch marks less noticeable.

Check with your insurance provider to see what, if any, stretch mark treatment is covered by your health care plan. Stretch mark removal usually falls under the heading of cosmetic procedures, which means most insurance companies don't cover the cost of treatment for removing old stretch marks.

Schedule an appointment with your doctor. She'll examine your stretch marks and may help you by recommending a particular treatment. She will also want to explain to you that no treatment will completely remove your stretch marks.

Make an appointment to have microdermabrasion performed on the area of your skin affected by stretch marks. You'll need to have a professional perform this treatment, which blasts the top layer of your skin, removing old cells and making stretch marks less obvious.

If microdermabrasion doesn't give you the results you want, make an appointment to have excimer laser therapy done. This therapy stimulates melatonin production in the targeted area, which helps reduce the contrast between the darker pigment of your stretch marks and the color of the rest of your skin, making stretch marks less visible.


  • Self-tanners can make stretch marks less noticeable.

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