How to Remove Keratin Hair Extensions


0:04 hi everyone my name is Elaine with no

0:08 metric and this is Tanya also with no

0:10 metric and today we're going to show you

0:12 how to remove keratin hair extension so

0:16 the process of removing the keratin

0:17 extensions is really simple what you

0:19 want to do is you want to section off

0:24 what I like to do is use a cotton ball

0:27 to get the solution right into the

0:29 extension and take a little bit of that

0:34 we have the keratin glue remover put a

0:37 down right there and the key is to not

0:40 damage the hair put the solution on

0:43 there and gently pull the extension

0:49 cleaning the hair from the glue simply

0:53 removal you like to have a small tooth

0:55 comb simply to comb that free and say

0:59 easy but I would suggest that you have

1:03 it professionally done thank you

1:05 hopefully that was helpful for you and

1:07 we taught you what you needed to know