How to Remove Dye From White Leather

White leather looks chic, sophisticated and trendy--when it's clean. Unfortunately, like all other things white, stains will always look prominent. Cleaning regular stains from white leather may not pose as much of a problem as dye stains. Dye can penetrate into the leather leaving it permanently ruined. Instead of throwing away the item, try a home remedy for removing leather stains.

Look very closely at the leather. You should be able to see the "lie" (the pattern in which the leather runs). You always want to clean in the same direction as the lie. If you cannot tell which way the lie runs, clean from outside of the stain to the center. Do not clean in a circular motion.

Rub some regular hand soap onto your fingers under cool water to form a lather.

Apply this lather directly to the stain.

Use a lint-free soft cloth to work the lather into the leather. Wipe off the excess soap.

Mix the detergent with the water into a small bowl. Stir the mixture with your fingers to create a lather.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 using the detergent lather.

Seek a professional. If this remedy does not work (or the stain is old) see a leather specialist to remove the stain.