How to Remove Deodorant Stain Buildup on Dark Clothing


0:00 hi I'm sue and West Jordan and I'm going

0:03 to show you today how to get out a

0:04 deodorant stain off dark clothing which

0:08 can be kind of embarrassing if you take

0:12 the clothing you're going to spread it

0:16 out on a hard surface and take some

0:18 baking soda sprinkle it all over the

0:21 shirt let it sit for a second and then

0:23 you might even want to rub it in with

0:25 your fingers or a toothbrush and then

0:28 you want to gently take some vinegar and

0:30 pour it over on top of the baking soda

0:34 and that's going to cause a chemical

0:36 reaction there's going to be a lot of

0:38 bubbles try it a couple times sprinkle

0:40 some more baking soda and then add some

0:42 more vinegar and that'll make sure that

0:44 the deodorant the stain is out another

0:48 easier way just on you know regular

0:51 clothing that's maybe not so dark is

0:53 just try brushing some vinegar over the

0:57 stain and then letting it soak in a tub

1:02 of water maybe halfway full with some

1:04 detergent in it let it sit overnight and

1:07 then go ahead and launder it as usual in

1:09 the morning