How to Remove Black Mold From Clothes

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Mold is a problem wherever there is substantial humidity and high temperatures. And nowhere is mold more of a problem than on clothes. Mold causes black stains, has a terrible smell, and in some cases can be a health risk. Fortunately, removing mold is a fairly simple process, if time intensive. As mold is a life form, you will need to kill it. However, this can be easier said than done, depending on how long the mold has had to grow.

Take the clothes you need to clean outside. Place the clothing over the newspaper to protect it from the ground. Put on the mask and gloves, and use the brush to scrub off any mold that has grown outside the surface of the clothes. Scrub thoroughly, and examine both the inside and the outside of the clothes for any possible growth. Crumple up the newspaper and throw it away when you're finished brushing off the mold.

Leave the clothes outside for a few hours to allow the mold to be killed. Bring in the clothes, and scrub the stains using laundry soap and hot water to remove as much of the color as possible. Apply the laundry pretreatment to the remaining mold stains. Presoak the clothing in cold water, and then wash it in hot water with laundry detergent. Use the strongest cycle possible.

Hang the clothes on the clothesline in the sun to dry. Check on the clothes every few hours, and try to avoid leaving them outside overnight. This may allow new mold to take hold on the clothing, forcing you to repeat the process. Once you have taken the clothes down, examine them for any remaining stains. If stains still linger, reapply the pretreatment and scrub with hot water.