How to Reduce Swelling Puffy Eyes


0:04 hello everyone I am Alicia reverb II I'm

0:07 a salon owner beauty expert and creator

0:09 of elique organics which is a sought

0:12 after and never mass-produced line of

0:14 organic skin nutrition beauty products

0:16 and we're here at my salon get waxed in

0:18 Venice Beach California and today I am

0:20 going to share with you the best remedy

0:23 for puffy eyes so this is my favorite

0:26 favorite favorite remedy for combating

0:29 those puffy nagging annoying eyes so

0:32 just to preface this before I move

0:34 forward just so you know anytime you

0:37 hear me or see me or read anything about

0:39 me you're always going to know that my

0:42 foundation comes from a place of simple

0:44 you know pure and natural healing and

0:48 wellness so anything that I'm going to

0:49 recommend to you as a remedy is you know

0:53 straight from nature you know precious

0:55 oils beautiful honey's beautiful flower

0:57 waters I found in my 20 years experience

0:59 as a in the beauty industry that these

1:01 you know nature's skin foods are indeed

1:04 the most effective effective skin foods

1:07 for my clients and for myself I'm 41

1:09 years old and I'm proud to say that I

1:11 just have you know very healthy vibrant

1:14 skin because I put foods on them

1:16 constantly okay so with that said moving

1:18 forward I'm going to show you a very

1:20 simple solution for combating puffy eyes

1:25 so what I have here is a bowl of ice I

1:27 do have a black tea bag sitting here

1:29 because we do want some of the caffeine

1:31 and the black tea so I'm just getting

1:33 this black tea bag really really really

1:35 cold and I have some water and we can

1:37 also do we're just gonna get this really

1:41 cold but I can also put this little guy

1:43 in here and we can make a little

1:46 solution with our black tea most

1:48 importantly right now is us dealing with

1:50 our ice so what we're going to do is

1:53 we're going to make some compresses with

1:55 our little rounds of cotton so I'm just

1:58 going to have two for each eye and I'm

2:00 just going to take this little bowl and

2:03 I'm going to pour a little of this water

2:05 in just a little and now when this

2:09 starts to steep when you're at home and

2:11 you make you can make a little solution

2:13 you can take out

2:13 is t-bag and you can do squeeze all of

2:17 that yummy tannins and black tea out

2:21 from the teabag because the caffeine the

2:23 black tea will also help to tighten the

2:25 eyes but what we want you know in this

2:28 in this presentation for you is really

2:31 about the ice and then we're just going

2:33 to take our cotton and make some little

2:35 compresses and you can make these ahead

2:37 of time put them in the freezer so that

2:39 they do get really cold they'll be

2:41 perfect for coming home after work after

2:44 a long tired a and just lie down and put

2:46 these over your eyes so this is very

2:49 simple this is like you know but it's

2:51 magic so simple magic so do you want to

2:54 you can actually you know start off with

2:56 a really cold one by putting this in

2:57 your ice this is already like freezing

2:59 all my hands wring it out and honestly

3:03 you're going to lay back at home you're

3:05 going to set these over your eyes let's

3:08 get this excess water out so it's not

3:11 dripping down your face so you're going

3:13 to set this over your eyes whoo cold but

3:15 it feels so good and this is the best

3:18 remedy if you do this every single night

3:21 for a good two weeks you will notice

3:23 results you will notice that puffiness

3:25 is going down so like I said simple

3:28 simple simple and that's it skin foodies

3:31 so again I'm Alicia reverb e salon owner

3:34 beauty expert and creator of elique

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