How to Recycle Aluminum Pie Pans

by Contributor ; Updated October 17, 2017

How to Recycle Aluminum Pie Pans. When we pick up ready-made pie crusts or pies at the grocery, we end up with an aluminum pie pan. They're too good to toss in the trash, so we wash them and stack them on the pile with the others we've amassed. Recycle those aluminum pie pans in a number of clever ways.

Step 1

Control spatters when frying. Poke a few holes in the pie pan and flip it upside down over the frying food. Wear a cooking glove and use tongs or a fork to remove the pie pan.

Step 2

Secure a few votive and pillar candles to an aluminum pie pan by dripping some wax into the pan and setting the candles into it. Fill the pan with water and flowers, or sand and seashells to create a pretty centerpiece.

Step 3

Use aluminum pie pans to contain the mess of art projects. Work with glitters, small beads, glue, feathers and spray paint in the confines of a pie pan.

Step 4

Keep ants and roaches out of the cat and dog food. Set pet food dishes in aluminum pie pans to which about a half-inch of water has been added. The bugs won't cross the "moat."

Step 5

Make a dustpan for quick clean-ups on the go or when camping. Cut an aluminum pie pan in half, sweep and toss.

Step 6

Store sanding disks, hacksaw blades and other cutting disks in the workshop. Cut a pie pan in half and attach it with staples or small nails around the edges open side up to a pegboard. Slide the disks into the open end of the corrosion-resistant pie pan.

Step 7

Take pot pie in a pie pan to the next cookout or camping trip. Punch a small hole along the edge of the pie pan and slide it in on the stick that's used for roasting marshmallows or hotdogs. Slide the pie-sized pot pie, onto a campfire rack, heat through and serve.