How to Recycle Aluminum Can Tops

golden aluminum drink cans piled image by photooiasson from

All parts of an aluminum can can be recycled, including the top you pull and push to open the can. According to, people are drinking from more cans than ever before. You can recycle those cans and earn money back for your purchase. Once a can is recycled, it may appear back on the store shelf as a recycled product within 60 days.

Collect cans and can tops in a separate bin or container.

Find a recycling center in your area. Many municipalities offer curbside recycling and accept aluminum cans and tops. You can make money by taking your cans and tops to a private recycling center. Any place that recycles aluminum cans can recycle the pop tops.

Donate your can tops to an organization. You may have to call around and find an organization that collects this part of the can. According to, while the value of can top is no different than the rest of the can, aluminum can tops are easier to collect as they take up less space and do not contain residue from the can's contents.