How to Read a Wedding Scripture

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If a couple has asked you read scripture in their wedding ceremony, consider yourself honored. It means they want to show their wedding guests that you hold a special place in their hearts. If you have never read scripture at a wedding or do not know how to read a wedding scripture, there are a few key things to keep in mind.

Rehearse the verse. Familiarize yourself with the scripture passage before the wedding. Practice reading it out loud to a friend. If your copy of the verse is in small print, rewrite or print it larger to make it easy to read on the big day.

Seek advice from the wedding officiant or wedding planner about how to read the scripture. Some scripture readings are interactive, requiring the reader to pause while those assembled repeat part of the passage or provide a response. The officiant or planner can tell you where to pause, if necessary.

Attend the wedding rehearsal. Note when in the service you will give your reading. You also will have a chance to discuss the details of the scripture reading with the officiant if you have not already done so.

Avoid dairy products before you read the wedding scripture. They will coat your vocal cords, which may force you to clear your throat during the reading.

Read the verse slowly, loudly and clearly. Inexperienced and nervous speakers have a tendency to rush through lines or just mumble them. Let the audience hear and understand you.

Modulate your voice. A droning monotone distracts the audience, while changes in your pitch and intensity hold their attention.