How to Raise Funds for Your Church Anniversary

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Church anniversaries are milestone occasions for faith communities throughout the world. These celebrations may include special ceremonies, dinners and other activities designed to celebrate the congregation's dedication to community building and spiritual growth. Preparation for a church anniversary celebration requires advance event planning and coordination to ensure success. An important component of this planning should include a group of church members dedicated to raising money to cover the expenses that are not a part of a church's normal operating costs. Strong organization, focus and dedication of a committed team, along with creative fund raising ideas, are key elements for a successful church anniversary celebration.

Announce the anniversary date well in advance, to the church community and all members during staff meetings and worship services. Formal letters to request involvement can also be sent to key community leaders and local businesses. Consider placing television, newspaper and radio ads about the upcoming anniversary and the planned celebratory events.

Form a committee specifically dedicated to raising money to cover all anniversary related expenses. The fund raising committee should be actively involved in planning the events and determining how much money will need to be raised. Identify members for the fund raising committee who have previous experience raising money for the church, or other organizations.

Collect special offerings during worship services. Notify congregation members that the money will be used specifically for anniversary expenses which are not included in the church's normal operating budget. Special offerings taken can be of help in the months prior to the anniversary celebration.

Sell anniversary merchandise. Items such as customized mugs, wall calendars and t-shirts can be sold to congregation members as commemorative items. Items such as these, when ordered in large quantities, come at a reduced cost. The items can be marketed to members at a slightly higher price, with profits from the items sold used to aid in covering expenses.

Solicit local businesses. Write formal letters to nearby business requesting donations in the form of cash, goods or services. Ask congregation members to request donations from their network of family, friends and local businesses which they frequent.