How to Quickly Shave Anywhere

Oh no! On your way to an important appointment, but forgot to shave your legs? No problem. With a few simple items most of us have with in our purse or car, you can remove that unsightly hair safely, quickly, and easily.

First make sure that you have a location in which to shave in private. In extreme circumstances, one can shave while in their car, but it would be best to use a public restroom if you are not at home.

If you are away from water, apply the anti-bacterial soap to one leg creating a lather. If you do have wet tissues, moisten your leg before applying soap. Shave as you would normally at home, with the exception of using the tissue or wipe to remove the cut hair from your razor. Be careful while cleaning the blade.

Once both legs have been shaved, remove any excess soap with the tissue. Wait a few moments, and then reapply a thin layer of soap to help clean any loose hair while moisturizing the skin.