How to Put Your Hair in a Neat Bun


0:01 hello my name is Kasey Grantham Lachey's

0:03 Elle salon and spa and today I'm going

0:05 to show you how to put your hair and in

0:06 neat bun what you're gonna need today is

0:09 some pump hairspray an elastic some

0:14 bobby pins and of course event brush

0:18 alright so first I'm going to comb my

0:23 hair down I'm actually using the side of

0:25 my vent brush to kind of comb it back

0:27 and up I want to get it up in a pretty

0:30 tight little ponytail you are gonna need

0:33 your hairspray for this for all those

0:35 little flyaways a nylon brush is the

0:37 best because it's really soft but you

0:40 can use that side of the nylon brush to

0:42 get rid of all those little ripples so

0:47 that's a pretty tight little ponytail

0:49 and that's what I want I'm going to put

0:50 my elastic in take my hairspray and I'm

0:53 gonna miss everything it has to be a

0:56 pomp hairspray just because it has a

1:00 different texture and it holds little

1:03 fine hairs a lot easier plus it gives

1:08 you that shine if you feel like you have

1:14 a little bumps you can just pull it

1:15 right back in there again I'm using the

1:18 side of my nylon brush and with the ends

1:25 of my hair I'm going to take them and

1:27 wrap them around to create that bun and

1:34 if anything is sticking out that's when

1:36 you use your bobby pins

1:44 you just want to make sure it's secure

1:55 then you missed it a little bit more if

2:03 you feel like it's loose anywhere that's

2:05 why you have bobby pins just go ahead

2:07 and secure it just a little bit more and

2:11 you have a perfect little button and

2:15 that's it all you need to finish out

2:18 this style is a vent brush and some pomp

2:21 hairspray make sure it's firm hold

2:23 thanks for watching