How to Put in Sassy Yaki Pony Extensions

by Sarah McLeod ; Updated September 28, 2017

Long braids can be achieved with Sassy Yaki pony extensions.

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Sassy Yaki pony extensions are wafts of synthetic hair that are not attached to bases, such as tracks or wefts. They do not have built-on combs, drawstrings or jaw clips for instant wear attachment. The wearer must have braiding ability, or take them to a professional braiding stylist. These extensions are assembled into ponytail shapes, hence the name, but the hair can be worn in any style after being braided in. Extensions may be braided to the end for a complete braided look or partially braided, so the ends flow freely.

Prepare Your Hair

Figure out how many packs of Sassy Yaki pony extensions you will need to cover your entire head. Short, thin hair may only require two packs of hair. A full head of medium length hair may require up to five packs of hair. If you are unsure, contact a professional for advice.

Assess your natural hair for health. If you have split ends, it is beneficial to have these trimmed before adding extensions, as the extensions can break your hair further.

Wash your natural hair with shampoo. Artificial extensions hold better and last longer when your hair is devoid of oils. If you experienced a lot of shedding while washing your hair, you may want to condition your hair for three to five minutes.

Rinse your hair thoroughly and towel dry.

Spray detangler into the hair. Gently comb out with a wide-tooth comb.

Apply gel or mousse from roots to ends, if your hair is naturally straight like Caucasian hair. This will help prevent the braids from sliding out.

Allow your hair to air dry or blow dry it. If your hair is prone to breakage, you may want to avoid the use of a blow dryer as it will dry out the cuticle, exposing it to further damage.

Comb through your hair again with the wide-tooth comb.

Begin to Braid

Open your Sassy Yaki ponytail package and begin to separate the strands of hair according to how thick you want your braids.

Part your hair into sections. Make square sections for individual braids. Part the hair into straight lines, if you are going to braid cornrows. Separate the sections with ponytail holders or hair clips.

Fold your Sassy Yaki hair strand into three legs.

Secure one leg of the strand in the palm of your dominant hand. Grab the middle leg with the index finger and thumb of your dominant hand. Put the free leg in your other hand.

Place the free leg to the left of your sectioned hair. Proceed to braid the legs together blending your hair into the braid. Braid it to desired length and secure with a rubber band at the end.

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