How to Put in a Makeup Mirror Replacement Bulb


0:05 everyone I'm Amanda Shackleton from NY

0:07 bridal beauty calm and today I'm here to

0:10 show you how to replace a makeup mirror

0:13 light bulb we use these strips of Lights

0:16 as makeup artists in our studios and you

0:19 know the lights will go out they will

0:21 blow out or they will be finished and we

0:23 have to replace them so the best thing

0:25 to do is very very gently turn the light

0:28 bulb that you want to replace to the

0:31 left making sure not to pull it too hard

0:33 and go ahead and put it down take a new

0:37 light bulb a60 what what light bulb is

0:41 the highest wattage you want to go for a

0:44 strip of lights like this if you put

0:47 anything higher it's gonna blow the

0:48 electric and it's not going to work so

0:50 I'm gonna go ahead and take a brand new

0:52 light bulb put it very gently right into

0:55 the grooves here and turn it to the

0:58 right you know you'll know when it's

1:00 done because it just kind of stops don't

1:02 force it if you force the light bulb

1:04 it's gonna end up exploding and it's not

1:06 gonna be a good thing if you do that so

1:08 once you've got a light bulb set we'll

1:11 go ahead we'll turn on our lights and

1:14 there you go

1:16 we've got our light back and we've just

1:18 replaced a makeup mirror

1:20 light bulb I'm Amanda Shackleton and I'm

1:22 a hair stylist

1:29 you