How to Put Garlic in Nail Polish for Stronger Nails

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Garlic is full of natural antioxidants, which makes it both healthy and delicious. It has been said to fight everything from high cholesterol to cancer. But garlic doesn't just make you healthier on the inside. It can also help beautify you on the outside. Adding garlic to your nail polish can help strengthen your nails, so they won't break or bend as easily. Healthy, strong nails also look more attractive.

Mince your clove of garlic into very small, fine pieces.

Remove some of your clear nail polish from its bottle, so that there's room for the garlic. If your bottle is completely full, the garlic will cause it to overflow, creating a sticky (and smelly) mess.

Add your finely minced garlic to the clear nail polish bottle. Allow the garlic to sit in the bottle for seven to 10 days.

Paint your nails with the clear nail polish. Your nails should now look and feel stronger.