How to Put a Slip Knot in Micro Braids

braiding image by Allyson Ricketts from

Micro braids are popular due to the low maintenance of the style. A large number of small, thin, delicate braids are braided throughout the entire head of hair. Micro braids can take hours to achieve because each braid is small and individual. Micro braids are braided using natural hair, or synthetic hair can be added to increase the length and width of the braids. There are two methods for securing micro braids: using hair glue to glue the braid together at the end or creating a slip knot at the end of the braid.

Grip the hair at the root and begin braiding the hair downwards, interweaving three small separated sections of the hair together. Depending on the length of the hair being braided, extensions should be added to the ends or throughout the entire braid to help better secure the hair in place.

Decide on where the braid will stop. Some hair will need to be left out of the braid in order to secure the braid and keep it from unraveling. The micro braid can end in the middle of the braid or down closer to the end to give the hair a neater look.

Take the loose hair left out at the end of the braid and wrap it around the braid in a circular motion multiple times. Make sure the hair is as close to the braid as possible, so it won’t unravel.

Using a rat-tail comb, make a slight space between the loose hair and the braid. The smaller the comb the better to ensure a large gap isn’t created. Since the braid is already small, the knot shouldn’t be bulky.

Pull the loose hair through the gap all the way until a knot is created. The loose hair should now be secured in the knot. Keep pulling on the hair until it is locked in place and doesn’t come apart.

Add a rubber band to the end of the braid where the slip knot was created for added security. The rubber band should be wrapped around the braid several times to make it as tight as possible.

Take a lighter and slightly burn the end of the hair to mold the knot into place. This last step should only be done if using hair extensions, so no damage is done to the client’s natural hair.