How to Protect the Bottom of Your Pant Cuff

Pixland/Pixland/Getty Images

When buying pants, it's not easy to know how the cuffs will stand up to regular wear, especially if you wear the pants with different heights of shoes. The bottom of your pant cuff may sit just above the heal of your boots, but when you put on dress shoes, those cuffs may drag along the ground. To avoid fraying, ripping or dirtying the bottom of your pant cuffs, try using a few different protective measures.

Hem the bottoms of your pant cuffs shorter if you won't be wearing different shoe heights. Before you hem, stand up straight with the pants on and have someone fold them inward to the appropriate length, usually covering the top of your shoes without dragging. You can also compare the slacks to another pair you own that are already the correct length. Pin the cuffs all the way around. With needle and thread, stitch to the length you prefer.

Roll your pant cuffs outward and up until they are at a length of your choice. The pant cuff will stay in place without you needing to fasten it. Wearing your pant cuffs up in this manner will allow you to pull them down later if you are wearing different shoes.

Place two-sided tape along the inside bottom edge of each pant leg. Roll the pant legs inward and up to a length of your choice and press firmly to the tape.

Tuck the bottoms of your pant cuffs into your shoes or boots when you are wearing your pants in areas that could damage the cuffs.

Buy a product that will hold up the bottoms of your pant cuffs for you. Three products that do this are MeinBands, CityClips and BootiFuls.