How to Protect Kids' Ears at Fireworks Shows

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Protect Kids' Ears at Fireworks Shows. Fireworks shows are a chance to enjoy the 4th of July together as a family. A show is put on for your enjoyment, saving you the work. It also helps to keep your family safe as they are not close to the fireworks and have less chance of being injured. Now all you have to do is protect your kids' ears. Follow these steps to learn how.

Sit further back at the fireworks show. The closer you are to the fireworks the more amplified the sound is. Sitting further back will decrease the impact of the noise and better protect kids' ears.

Cover an infant's ears with your hands to protect them during the loudest fireworks. These are usually scattered throughout the show so most of the time an infant will be fine. If the fireworks hurt your ears then your infant's ears are hurting too.

Place earmuffs on toddlers. These aren't uncomfortable to a toddler's ears and will protect him from the loudest fireworks. They also allow your toddler to hear you when you speak to him.

Buy earplugs for an older child. She will be able to keep them in without playing with them or taking them out. Earplugs will lower the decibel of the fireworks and protect the kids' ears.

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