How to Print Out Inventory Yard Sale Sheets

Everyone is feeling the cash crunch these days and more and more yard sales are popping up alongside roads. Not only is it a great idea to help clean up your basement, closets or shed, but you can make a few extra dollars selling the unwanted items you find. One of the easiest ways to keep track of your sales is printing out an inventory sheet for items sold. This will help you gauge how to price things next year as well as keep an accurate record of your income. If you decide to have a multifamily sale, your inventory sheet can also be used to record who sold what so everyone gets their fair share of the profits.

Decide if your sale will be a multifamily event. If so, you will need room on your inventory sheet to record whose item was sold as well as what it sold for.

Using your favorite search engine, you can search for inventory yard sale sheets. Several will be found and the links below are a couple of my favorites. These sites may also have helpful tips and advice on running a successful sales event:

Choose your favorite yard sale inventory sheet and print out at least five pages. The number of pages depends on the size of your sale and the traffic you intend to see.

If you do not like any of the inventory sheets you found on the Internet, you can create your own inventory sheet in a word processing program such as Microsoft Word. Simply decide the column headings you will need, such as the asking price, whose item sold, sale price, etc. Then format a table to fill in the sheet with your rows and columns.