How to Print Baby Registry Gift Cards

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The modern tradition for a baby shower includes the child's parents registering for the things they would like to receive as gifts. This helps avoid the dilemma of receiving twenty blankets and fifty bibs, but no highchair or bottles. To inform guests of where the parents-to-be are registered, the shower's host usually inserts a card with the stores the parents have chosen. These gift registry cards can be made at home in a matter of minutes.

Open your word processing program. Create a rectangular template sized to fit inside the invitation. A 2-inch by 3-inch card is a good size.

Add a decorative border or design along the edge to spice up the look of the card.

Type a short message on the card such as "Julie is registered at Target and Babies"R"Us." Center this on the card, and place it near the top or center of the card.

Copy the logos of the store (or stores) the parents-to-be are registered at. Insert the logos into the card document. Arrange them along the bottom section of the card.

Print the card on card stock. Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut out the cards. Insert into the invitations.