How to Prevent Moth Holes in Clothing

Stephen Schauer/Digital Vision/Getty Images

The white larvae of webbing clothes moths feed on wool and other animal fibers, as well as feathered clothing. If your clothes are not protected or stored properly, you may have had the experience of opening a clothing box to find the apparel are full of moth holes. Consider taking precautions to prevent moths from making meals out of your favorite fabrics in the future.

Line your closet or storage area with cedar wood. This is the one of the best ways to keep moths away.

Purchase cedar bags from your dry cleaner. These bags can be used to hang over certain items, such as wool garments, to keep moths out.

Put moth or cedar balls in your closet or storage area.

Keep your favorite clothes in cold storage if possible. A cold attic during winter may prove an inhospitable environment for moths because larvae don't grow in temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Clean your closet and drawers regularly. Remove all the items from the closet area, and vacuum everything. Removing any lint on the floor or in drawers deprives larvae of food sources. Store all cleaned clothes in sealed plastic bags.