How to Prepare Wild Rabbit for a Meal

How to Prepare Wild Rabbit for a Meal. Our ancestors had no choice but to kill their own meat and prepare it for the table. Whether you kill it yourself or have a hunter bring you one, wild rabbit makes a delicious meal. Here's how to prepare it.

Place a wild rabbit in a large pot of boiling water. This assumes, of course, that your wild rabbit has already been skinned, gutted and the head and feet removed. If you've bought a wild rabbit at a grocery store or a specialty butcher shop, it will be ready to boil. Boil the rabbit for 20 minutes.

Drain the water from the boiled rabbit and discard the liquid. Rub the rabbit with salt and pepper, covering all the meat. Place the rabbit in a covered pan and put it in the refrigerator. Allow it to sit overnight. Boiling the rabbit tenderizes the meat. The salt and pepper gives it extra flavor.

Cut your rabbit into pieces as if you were preparing a chicken dish. Roll and cover the pieces in flour.

Fry the pieces in a large frying pan on medium heat until well-browned.

Serve the wild rabbit for supper with your favorite vegetables. Or, prepare wild rabbit for a meal at breakfast time. Fried and served with grits and scrambled eggs, wild rabbit makes a hardy, delicious morning meal.