How to Play the Candy Bar Bridal Shower Game

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Bridal showers are hosted by the maid of honor, a bridesmaid or a close family member as a way to shower the couple with gifts and good luck in their upcoming nuptials. Just like a wedding, both the bride’s and groom’s family are invited, some of which may not know each other. Playing games at a bridal shower will provide a way to get everyone involved and interacting with one another. The candy bar game will get guests laughing and chatting about which candy bar matches the different phases of a wedding.

Select phrases. Depending upon how long you want to play, you can use the entire list of candy bar and matching phrases to use as clues, or select about 10. Candy bars and phrases include: Bride, Hot Tamale; Groom, Mr. Goodbar; Groomsmen, 3 Musketeers; Bridesmaids, Airheads; Bride and Groom, Sweet Tarts and the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer are Runts or Junior Mints. Wedding event phrases may include Reception, 100 Grand; Reception Departure, Fast Break; Bride’s Honeymoon Cry, O’Henry; Parents, Lifesavers; Post Wedding Bank Account, Zero or First Year, Rocky Road.

Set up candy bars. Place the candy bars in a place where everyone can see all of the choices. You can set the candy bars up on a table or attach them to a display board.

Read the clues. Go through, in no particular order, and read the clues to the bridal shower guests. Have guests write down the clue number and the candy bar they think it goes with.

Calculate the winner. After all the clues have been read, go through and give the answers. Have guests count how many correct answers and find out who had the most right. You can give the winner all of the candy bars as a prize or offer a candle or bath gift set as the prize.