How to Play Games for a Going Away Party

Depending on how mature and active the participants are, I think the following are some great games to play...

Game one:

This is a game that can be played throughout the evening. Tape a dollar bill to a string and tie one around each person's neck. How to play: If someone makes another person say "No", "Stop", or "Can't", then they get that person's dollar bill. Whatever you have around you at the end of the night is yours!

Game two:

Have a paper grocery bag. Each person takes a turn and tries to pick up the bag with their mouth, but you can only stand on one foot, and nothing but that foot can touch the ground. If you mess up or can't do it, you're out. Each time everyone gets a chance, you cut about an inch off the bag and continue until someone wins.

Game three:

My personal favorite. Everyone must be in the same area of the home (i.e. the living room/dining room/kitchen area). The rooms must be completely dark. Use blankets to cover up lights and windows if necessary. On small pieces of paper, on one write "Murderer", and on all the others "Civilian" (or make up funny names). The game is played by turning off all the lights. The Murderer then walks around, and kills someone by moving their finger across a person's neck that they might find in the dark. If someone is killed by the Murderer, they must lay down on the ground. The Murderer can continue killing people until some participant runs into a dead body on the ground. When that happens, that person announces that they've found a dead body, and the lights are turned on. Now, everyone debates to try and find out who the Murderer is. If the majority of the people vote for one person, that person must show their piece of paper. If they are the Murderer, the game is over. If they aren't, that person is killed, and the lights go off and another round is played. The game continues until the Murderer is correctly convicted. This game is a very fun game to play, for teens as well as adults.