How to Play Bridal Bingo

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Watching the bride open gifts at a shower can become tedious. Keep the guests interested in whether the guest of honor is about to unwrap a toaster or toasting flutes by engaging them in a game of Bridal Bingo. This shower game is a twist on the traditional BINGO game that allows players to win a chip based on what gift the bride opens.

Game Details

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To play Bridal Bingo, make your own game cards or purchase a set at a party store or online. They look like traditional Bingo cards but have "BRIDE" written across the top. In each square is an item that the bride might receive as a gift, such as wine glasses, a picture frame, a slow-cooker or utensils. If you're making your own Bingo cards, it's important that the gifts are in a different order on the card for each player and not everyone has the same gifts listed. This helps avoid people winning at the same time. As the bride opens her gifts, guests check off the box of the accompanying item. When they get five gifts in a row on the card, they yell "Bingo!" and get a prize.

Alternative Game

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Rather than playing with gifts, play a more generic game of Bridal Bingo. Devote each column to a different wedding-related category, such as places to honeymoon or dress designers. The bride acts as the host of the game and calls out potential answers, just as a Bingo host would call out numbers. The first guest to check off five squares in a row wins a prize.

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