How to Plan The Best High School Reunion

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So, you've decided you want to plan the first or the next High School Reunion? Here is a guideline on how to step by step, get yourself organized and keep things running smoothly.

Your first step is to find people you can recruit to help you. That way you can delegate some things. Only contact people who you can trust to finish the job, otherwise, they will just slow you down. The other alternative is to hire a service. You would be surprise how many services are out there. They will do all the work for a price, of course. See my links below regarding this option.

You may have to do some research to find some classmates. Try the obvious ways first. For instance, the phone book may be a big help for people who remained in the area. Then again, for those who have changed their names, that won't be much help if you don't know what that last name is. Talking to classmates your able to contact are the best bet and running through the list of people you are having a hard time finding. Other ways to find classmates are old address books, the internet with such websites as or (now known as My life. These are websites you will have to pay for but they usually offer a free trial period. Most likely you will be able to get your work done in that trial period. This way will only work if that person you are looking for is signed up and paying for the site.

Choosing a location can be a time consuming project. To make this the best High School Reunion for everyone, try to make it affordable for everyone. By this I mean, choose a location as central as possible for everyone, excluding out of state classmates, of course. The location being too far away is one of the main reasons that people don't show up at High School Reunions.

Try to choose a place that is affordable to everyone's budget. You might consider doing a little survey to see what everyone thinks is a fair amount to put out for the event and then keep it as close to that as possible within reason. Don't assume that everyone can afford the same. This is the second biggest reason that people don't show up at High School Reunions.