How to Plan an Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

Mother Nature can be unpredictable, which is why you should consider planning an indoor Easter egg hunt next Easter. An indoor Easter egg hunt will be as fun and challenging as one held outdoors. Invite your family or friends to bring their children for the Easter egg hunt. You can turn the egg hunt into a small Easter party for kids and adults. It's not difficult to plan an enjoyable and inexpensive day of hunting for eggs and enjoying the company of family and friends.

Select a date for your Easter egg hunt. You might plan your event for Easter weekend if you'll only be having the Easter egg hunt for your family. If you'll be inviting friends or extended family, you should plan the Easter egg hunt for a weekend or evening before Easter.

Write down a list of children and their parents that you will invite to the party. Mail or deliver a written invitation to each family so they can remember the exact day and time of the Easter egg hunt.

Ask children to bring their own baskets and bags for collecting their eggs. You should keep a basket or two on hand in case anyone forgets.

Buy a few inexpensive packs of plastic eggs. You can often find packs of eggs for as little as $1. You should hide about 10 eggs for each child attending the egg hunt if at all possible.

Buy some treats to fill the eggs. You might want to limit the amount of candy you put in eggs. Fill eggs with some trinket toys (age-appropriate), stickers or even a few cents changes if you are not having too many children attend.

Start hiding eggs the morning of the Easter egg hunt (or even the night before). Write down the location of each egg as you hide it in order to ensure that all eggs can be found during or after the Easter egg hunt. If you have many toddlers and preschool-aged children at the party, the eggs should be easy to spot.

Select one or two colors or styles of eggs that can be used as prize eggs. For example, tell the children if they find a blue egg, they will receive a special prize. A small toy, book or candy can serve as a reward.

Buy some snacks and drinks for the day of the party. Kids can play and snack while the adults chat and snack.