How to Plan an Amazing Race Party For Kids

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The Amazing Race is a popular American television show in which pairs race other pairs across the world, completing tasks and challenges along the way that help them explore the cultures they are visiting. An Amazing Race themed birthday party is an excellent idea for parents who are looking for an exciting, activity-filled event to keep the guests busy and entertained throughout the course of the party. Plus, many kids watch and enjoy the show with family members because of its emphasis on education, culture and teamwork.

Purchase or design your own invitations based on the design of the clue cards on the Amazing Race show. These yellow and black cards should highlight the term Amazing Race on the front and can also include your child's name. On the inside of the invitation write information about the party and a challenge to get things started. For example, include a colored dot on the invitation, with only two guests receiving each color on their invitation. Challenge the guests to call through the guest list and determine who their teammate is. This is done by finding the person with the matching color and then ask him to come dressed in the color that was on his invitation.

Plan out the tasks, challenges and locations that you wanted included in your Amazing Race party. If the children at the party will be very young, it may be best to keep the challenges inside your own home, encouraging kids to race to the backyard for a game of horseshoes before running into the basement to search for hidden Easter eggs. However, for older kids, ask some parents to chaperone the children with you as each team journeys throughout your hometown and learns about town history on the way. Include five locations or less for younger children and ten locations or more for older children.

Create fun challenges and tasks that the children at the party will always remember. If your child likes crafts, consider having children complete a craft activity at one location before moving on to the next. If your child is interested in puzzles, have small jigsaw puzzles available for kids to complete at one station. Incorporate activities that are age appropriate and activities that promote learning, culture and historical appreciation, just as the game show does.

Host a small meal at the end of the race and hand out prizes and awards to all the teams that complete the race. It may make sense to have trophies for the winners of the race, but if you don't want to get to competitive with your party, consider giving each guest the same prize as they finish the race. These will be the party favors. You can also use this time after the race to open presents if it was a birthday party.