How to Plan an Air Force Theme Party

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Throw a high-flying party for your favorite airman with an Air Force theme party. Whether your party is for kids or adults, you'll find plenty of design inspiration in the logos and iconography of the Air Force. From aviation-themed decor to Air Force approved party games, your party will soar.

Party Invitations

Address party invitations to the "cadets" or "airmen" who'll be attending, and use clever phrases such as "Report for training at Jason's Air Force party" or "Join the other cadets at Stacy's high-flying Air Force party." Print out photos of fighter jets, parachutes and the Air Force seal and insignia to decorate your invitations. For a simpler style, use the Air Force insignia at the top of the invitations and a bold sans-serif font in blue for the text.

Air Force Decor

Ask a local Air Force recruiter if she has any materials you can purchase or have, such as flyers, posters or lapel pins. Check out books on fighter jets and Air Force history from the library, then set toy planes on top of books to use as centerpieces. Make triangle-shaped pendants out of blue construction paper and glue the Air Force insignia in the center, then string the pendants over doorways. Hang plastic toy paratrooper figurines from the ceiling by their parachutes, and tie blue balloons to tables and chairs. Frame vintage Air Force posters, photos of fighter jets or movie posters from Air Force themed movies such as "Top Gun" and "Flyboys" to display on the walls.

Food and Drink

Make a blue velvet cake with three to four layers separated by white icing so the cake slices invoke the blue and white stripes of the insignia, and use a fighter jet cake topper. Create tiny Air Force flags out of paper and toothpicks to stick in the tops of cupcakes and serve cookies shaped like airplanes. For beverages, label pitchers of punch and juice as "jet fuel." And if you're serving alcoholic beverages at an adult party, label those as "high-octane jet fuel."

Activities and Favors

Make paper airplanes then send them down a roped-off "runway" and give prizes to whoever sails her airplane the farthest. Set up an obstacle course for the cadets where they have to run through tires, slither under ropes and walk on a balance beam. For more Air Force themed activities, have guests play a trivia game where they have to guess the meaning of various Air Force slang terms. Send party goers home with goodie bags filled with toy airplanes and paratroopers, and Air Force lapel pins.