How to Plan a Wedding for Less Than $2,000

How to Plan a Wedding for Less Than $2,000. Weddings are joyous and momentous occasions, and they have become a very large market for big ticket items. You don't have to get sucked into spending tens of thousands of dollars on your wedding. You can actually plan a wedding for less than $2000, and still have a sentimental and special day that you will never forget.

Keep the guest list small. You may wish to invite everyone from the office, your high school friends and your 19 cousins on your father's side, but you don't have to. By keeping your guest list as small as possible, and inviting the people you really want to share your day with, you can cut costs and plan a wedding for less.

Have an intimate wedding in the afternoon. With an early wedding, you can have an inexpensive finger foods or dessert reception and spend less money. Be sure to include the type of reception you are having in the invitations.

Go away to a special place. Destination weddings have become very popular. Bring your spouse-to-be to a special island get away vacation, and get married. With all inclusive honeymoons, the cost can to plan a wedding can easily be less than $2000.

Buy a fun and informal wedding dress. If you forgo the Cinderella dream of a luxurious ball gown, and opt for a summery and simpler gown, you can spend less than $200 for something you love and can actually wear again. This is an especially fantastic idea for those who may be walking down the aisle for the second time.

Rent your reception space instead of using a full-service site. The full-service sites tend to have built in costs and caterers. You can save money, and plan a wedding for less than $2000 by having the freedom to bring in simple reception fare.

Get a second opinion on all major costs. Never go with the first price quote you get on anything. If possible, also try to avoid using the word wedding when asking for quotes on rentals and catering. The difference in pricing for a wedding versus a party can be astounding.

Opt for sentiment instead of glitz or glam. Instead of getting married in a huge, expensive church or venue, look into getting married where you and your fiancée had your first date. You can also look at your favorite hang outs for reception ideas. This way you can share something with your guests that has sentimental value to you both.