How to Plan a Seminar

How to Plan a Seminar. Planning a seminar requires some forethought into the purpose, audience and outcome you expect from your seminar. Whether for educational purposes or to set up a forum for information sharing among peers, it is essential to plan your event and space to fit your needs. Read on to learn how to plan a seminar.

Identify the purpose of the seminar. By doing so, you will know how to promote the seminar, contract a venue to serve as the event space, set up the room and more.

Determine a date, time and location for your seminar. You should be sure to set up an established contract for your event so that all of the responsibilities of the venue are defined at a specific price.

Develop an invitation list that focuses on your target audience for the seminar. Create the invitation and send it out to the potential attendees at least one month in advance if not before. Include a method for attendee registration and confirmation of registration.

Establish the seminar agenda, presentations and speakers. Finalizing this information before setting up the event amenities will allow you to time the needs so that the event flows properly.

Select the amenities for the event, including catering, AV and technical requirements, room setup including furniture and lighting. Complete a site inspection prior to the seminar to make all arrangements in advance.

Create supporting materials like handouts, posters, graphics or the like. These items are not required but add to the effectiveness and provide your attendees with takeaways.

Follow up to the event by providing attendees with a feedback form to help you gauge what worked, where you can make improvements and any suggestions for enhancing the overall event.