How to Plan a Quick Wedding

A wedding is a celebration of the union of two people and is an exciting time for the couple, their family and friends. Sometimes weddings take place rather quickly, which requires a lot of planning to be done in a short amount of time. Here are some tips on how to plan a quick wedding.

Start searching for a wedding dress. Look online and at local wedding shops. If you are going to have a quick wedding, there isn’t much time to have a dress designed for you. If you can’t find a wedding dress to buy, consider renting a wedding dress. And remember, a wedding dress doesn’t have to be huge–it can be just a pretty white dress with a veil.

Reserve a location for your wedding and reception. Call your local community center, church or hotel to reserve a room for your wedding and reception. If it you are getting married during the holidays, it may be hard to find an available location. If this is the case, find out if a family member or close friend would be willing to have the wedding and reception at their home.

Create a guest list with your partner-to-be. Only invite the number of people that will comfortably fit at the location of your wedding and reception. If you are having the wedding and reception at a family member’s house, do not invite 500 people, unless it is at a mansion or on a large estate.

Send out invitations. As soon as you create a guest list, you can order invitations online or you can make them yourself. If you make them yourself, be sure to have colored card stock, a printer, some vellum paper, and envelopes. Don’t waste any time mailing them out. People should have invitations at least two weeks in advance. If you need to, call friends and family and give them the information about your upcoming wedding.

Order a cake. Figure out a theme for your wedding and order your cake. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money or if local bakeries are booked, consider asking family members or friends if they would be willing to make the wedding cake. If they aren’t willing to make the cake, ask if there is anyone they may know who makes wedding cakes. If you’ve exhausted your resources and still haven’t found anyone, ask your local college or culinary school if they have a student who’d be willing to make the cake for a small amount of money.

Figure out a menu. Decide if you want to serve a four-course meal or if you only want to have appetizers and cake. Do you want to serve alcohol with an open bar, charge for alcohol, or have no alcohol at all? You can hire a caterer or provide the food yourself. Big box stores, such Sam’s Club or Costco, can be great resources for food for a wedding reception.

Choose members of the wedding party. Call family members or friends whom you want to be in the wedding party immediately. Don’t put off asking because members of the wedding party will need to pay for dresses and suits, take time off of work, and may even have to find airfare and hotels for the occasion.

Decorate the reception area. Ask family members or friends to help decorate the reception area. Decorations can include lights, flowers, candles, nice tablecloths, a gazebo, disposable cameras and little candies on the tables. You can find lots of different wedding goodies at your local craft stores or online.