How to Plan a Pinkalicious Birthday Party

Elizabeth & Victoria Kann

Does your child love Pinkalicious? Here's how to plan a fun birthday party around what happens in the book!

STORY PLOT: Pinkalicious is an adorable children's book by Elizabeth Kann and Victoria Kann about a girl who loves pink cupcakes and wants to eat more more more! Her parents tell her no, but she still does and then...turns pink! The doctor examines her and decides she needs to eat green foods to change her back to normal. Instead, she keeps eating more cupcakes until she turns red! She then realizes she needs to follow what the doctor said and eats green foods. But then her brother sneaks cupcakes and he turns pink!

GENERAL: First decide if your party will be during the day on a weekday or a weekend! Another fun idea is to have an evening party for dessert! The girls, if old enough, can spend the night!

INVITATION: Once you decide the party logistics, put the information on an invitation! Appropriate-themed store-bought invitations would have cupcakes or pink princesses as the design. You could also just find anything girly or pink and it will fit the theme! Another option is to make your own! Cut out a big cupcake from construction paper and use different colored papers to fill in the design with details like frosting and sprinkles! Put the details, either printed out or hand-written, about the party on the cupcake! You could also print out a coloring page (see resources below) and write the details on the outside margins...then the girls have a fun activity to do while waiting for the day of the party!

DECORATIONS: It is always nice to set the mood with fun decorations. Pink tablecloth and tableware, streamers, balloons, and even a door sign telling your guests to come in (a balloon taped to the door would be fun too). An inexpensive party idea is to print out a lot of your child from birth to current and tape to a blank low spot on your wall...and cut out the letters of their name and tape to the wall near the photos.

ACTIVITIES: First have the kids color Pinkalicious or cupcake coloring pages. That way latecomers won't have missed much. Have cute cups of colored pencils or crayons available for them. Then, when everyone has arrived, read Pinkalicious to them! Not all the kids might know the story and if they do, they will love hearing it again. Then have the kids search for the magic wand (like Pinkalicious' wand) by following clues you have taped around your house....each clue leads to the next. They will have fun with this! When they find the wand, set it aside until the end of each game (see next section). Then after each game, use the magic wand to make the magic/interactive flower give them their favor! See the resource section for the article about how to make the flower. Kids will LOVE it!

GAMES: Ideas include musical cupcakes (printouts of cupcakes for them to land on when the music stops), Duck Duck Goose turned into Cupcake Cupcake Yum (or something similar), and charades based on flower/gardening themes (because of the garden scene in the book).

DESSERT: The obvious choice for dessert is...cupcakes! Have the kids decorate baked cupcakes with frosting, pink sprinkles, and if they don't want a cherry on top then a pink candy or purple grape would be great! Fruit like purple grapes and strawberries with pink juice boxes finish it off. Then present time!

FAVORS: The favors that the interactive flower can dispense are long and thin like a candy necklace (down the stem) or small and round through the center of the flower head. The girls can collect their favors in a special inexpensive cup that you can find at a dollar store or cheap section of Target.