How to Plan a Menu for a Jewelry Party

Most jewelry party hostesses feel a need to plan a menu. While it may be appropriate and expected in other types of home parties, most guests at a jewelry party will not expect elaborate food and drink. Since it's difficult to try on jewelry while holding a plate of food, a light, simple menu is often best.

Decide on Your Menu

Reserve time at the end of the showing and a special place for socializing and snacks. In providing a separate area for gathering, the potential for dropping crumbs or spilling drinks on the jewelry is minimized.

Choose a menu with food that is easy to prepare. Jewelry parties should be fun, not burdensome. Most guests are satisfied with something to drink and a light snack.

Consider putting regular and decaf coffee and hot or iced tea on the menu at your jewelry party. Include flavored creamers. Hot chocolate is a great option during cold-weather months.

Choose an assortment of Danish, muffins and scones or other pastries for a late-morning or early-afternoon party.

Find fresh fruit in season for a delectable treat. Serve alongside cheese and crackers.

Plan a menu with bagels and an assortment of flavored and low-fat cream cheese.

Make use of limited table space for snacks by creating an edible centerpiece, such as a fruit or vegetable centerpiece. Serve with your favorite fruit or vegetable dip, such as a caramel dip for apple slices or a ranch dip for crunchy veggies.

Get Results From Snack Time

Take advantage of snack time to interact with each guest. Encourage booking a party while offering to assist with snack ideas and setup.

Express appreciation to each guest for attending while socializing around the snack table. Be sure to spend time with visitors to expand your options for future jewelry parties.

Use snack time as an opportunity to announce the winners of any drawings. Give special recognition to winners by asking them to be first in line for snacks.