How to Plan a Get Together

How to Plan a Get Together. Plan a get together and ensure that friends and family have a wonderful time. Rely on these tried and true tips to turn a dull evening into a fun and lively experience. Plan a get together at a moment's notice with these key steps.

Count the guests. The number of guests determines how much grocery shopping you'll have to do.

Pick a dinner theme. Make the get together especially memorable and fun by centering it around a theme. For example, if the theme were tropical, add fresh pineapples to the list.

Write out the menu. Start with appetizers and work down to the dessert. Keep in mind the food items should relate to the theme.

Hit the grocery store a day in advance. Pick up all the necessary items and always buy extra if you're not sure. Guests love going home with leftovers.

Plan out games and activities. Keep it simple like board games or cards and make sure the entire group will enjoy what you've selected. Make sure to have some children's games as well in case kids are in tow.

Call guests at least a week in advance. Mail out invites only for special occasions.

Keep it lively. Jot down a few jokes before the party to fill in any lulls in conversation and mingle between guests. Make sure to chat with everyone at least once.