How to Plan a Charity Walk

Jason Sheldon/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Planning a charity walk is a healthy way to raise money for a cause and also provides visibility. Your charity walk can be as small or large as you would like it to be, but be sure to organize the walking path and plan carefully. Planning your charity walk ahead of time is the key to the success of the event and raising funds for your cause.

Find a charity for which you want to raise funds. You might want to choose your charity based upon your personal relationships that relate to a specific cause. Contact the charity to inform them of your intent to create this event and that you want to use their name and logo.

Choose a route for the walk. In determining the route, take into consideration the distance. If your walk includes both runners and walkers, make sure that the route has a wide enough path for walkers on one side and runners on the other side. Pre-planned walking routes can be found through your city or local walking clubs.

Get permission from the city or owner of the property to use the planned walking route.

Gather volunteers to keep the walkers on track and set up medical and beverage stations along the path.

Obtain liability insurance for your event to cover any medical issues that may occur during the walk.

Publicize your event to get walkers and runners interested in joining the cause. Once the walkers have shown interest, have them make a verbal or written commitment to the charity walk. They then can pay a fee to join or get sponsors to raise money for the charity.

Rope off the walking path on the day and hang signs for the charity. Also set up the water and medical stations and trash cans.