How to Plan a Catholic Baptism Party

How to Plan a Catholic Baptism Party. At a Catholic baptism, a new baby is brought into the loving, protective circle of Christ's church. Most families celebrate with a party afterward. While a Catholic baptism party can be just as much fun as any get-together, remember to keep the mood reverent and the focus on religion and spirituality.

Plan a Catholic Baptism Party

Choose a time and place. Most of the time, the party takes place right after the ceremony, often about midafternoon. Depending on how many people are invited, you may plan to go to a private home, the Catholic church parish or Knights of Columbus hall, or a rented venue, such as a restaurant banquet room.

Know your limits in time, space and money. Decide what is realistic in terms of all three and stick to it.

Choose a theme, preferably one having to do with the religious significance of baptism and the child's new life in the church.

Pick a color scheme and find the decorations that match it and your theme. The salesperson at your local party or craft store can advise you as to exactly what decorations you need and show you a variety of decorative images fitting for a religious occasion, such as a cross or crucifix, an image of the Virgin Mary or a Bible.

Decide on how elaborate the food will be. Planning a homemade buffet is quite different from arranging a catered sit-down luncheon, and buying paper goods is not the same as choosing china, glassware and silverware.

Select games and amusements, such as a "Veggie Tales" video from Big Idea, that reinforce the theme of the party (see Who Can Help below).

Try to do as much as possible in advance so you can fully enjoy the day. Although last-minute errands are nearly inevitable, you might be able to eliminate a lot of stress by getting everything prepared ahead of time, including the food.