How to Plan a Boat Party

How to Plan a Boat Party. A boat party is a fun way to have a great time with friends while enjoying the water and looking at the coast in style. There are literally thousands of boats that you can choose from to rent for an evening on the water. Some are huge yachts while others are more modest in size, but no matter which you choose it can be fun and easy to plan a party on the waves.

Plan a Boat Party

Figure out first how many guests you plan on inviting. This will dictate how big of a boat you need. For a party of under ten, you should easily be able to get away with a very small yacht or a terrific sail boat.

Book the boat you want as far in advance as you can. This is especially true when you plan on having a boat party on or around a major holiday like Independence Day, as boats tend to get booked out quickly during these times.

Decide on a budget before you plan on booking a specific boat. You may need to pay for the catering separately from the boat, so your costs might be higher than what you think. Splurging on one aspect of your party may require you to cut back in another, which could prove disastrous.

Choose a theme for the party. If it's Independence Day, have lots of hamburgers and beer on hand in addition to sparklers and flags. If it's New Year's Eve or Mardi Gras, then have some crazy party favors and plenty of drinks.

Arrange for your guests to have transportation to the boat. There may not be enough parking at the marina or the dock, so it might be a good idea to have everyone meet at a central location like your home or at the office and then carpool to the boat.