How to Plan a Birthday Party With a Michael Jackson Theme

Elizabeth Hachem/Lifesize/Getty Images

Plan a Michael Jackson themed birthday party for a fan of any age. The party details should be tailored to the theme, as well as the age of the celebrant and her guests. Use her favorite songs, concerts or album as the inspiration to narrow down the party details. Alternatively, each aspect of the party, such as the invitations, decorations and entertainment, can focus on a different album or Michael Jackson era.

Let your guests know about your birthday party's Michael Jackson theme in your invitations. Make your own invitations to resemble your favorite album cover or write the party details on a white sparkly glove. Incorporate your favorite lyrics, song titles or Michael Jackson legacies, such as the famed "moon walk" dance, in your invitations. Include the celebrant's name, new age and party details.

Decorate the party space with sparkly decor if you're using M.J.'s famed white glove as your inspiration. Blow up different album covers or use posters to hang around the room. Alternatively, recreate the scene from your favorite music video.

Plan activities, games and entertainment for the party. Younger guests might enjoy decorating their own white gloves, while teens and adults might enjoy learning the "Thriller" or "Moon Walk" dances. Play all your favorite Michael Jackson hits and consider setting up karaoke for your guests to sing along.

Make or purchase a cake that fits into your theme. A huge microphone or a three-tier cake with different decorations, such as the white glove, red jacket from the '80s or various album covers would add to the party decor.

Pass out favors that complement the party. Copies of your favorite Michael Jackson CD, white gloves, black fedoras, dark sunglasses, posters, books, stickers and candy are some options.