How to Plan a Beach Wedding on a Budget

How to Plan a Beach Wedding on a Budget. Beach or destination weddings are convenient to the newly married couple. They get married, enjoy their reception, and then they start they honeymoon all in the same place. This type of wedding can be very costly though, but there is a way to plan a beach wedding on a budget.

Decide on a beach that is driving distance from you. This can include large lakes with beachfront property.

Choose a time and date for the wedding. Pay attention to the time that the sun rises or sets on the particular beach you chose.

Pick a hotel on that beachfront and reserve the time and day you chose. This is one of the first things you do because of the popularity. If you chose a morning wedding, you can see if the hotel provides a morning buffet. There is usually a minimal fee for setup and breakdown of tables, chairs, and table cloths.

Get a marriage license. The qualifications to get a marriage license can vary per state or county. Make sure you check with the agency before you go to bring with you all the documentation you need.

Develop your invitation list to know how many people you will be inviting. Be sure to reserve a block of rooms at the hotel that your friends and family can pay for. That way you know that everyone will be at the hotel and arrive at the wedding on time.

Buy blank wedding invitations at a local hobby store or super store. This will save tons of money. Embellish the invitations with personal love poems or scripture.

Send wedding invitations about one month before the wedding if most guests can drive. Send wedding invitations about 4 to 6 months before the wedding if some guests will need to fly.

Purchase simple decorations for the number of tables you will have for the reception. Buy some hurricane lamps (because beaches are windy), colored candles to go inside, some sand for the bottom (beach theme), and shells from the beach you will get married on.

Set out to a department store of your choice and purchase a wedding dress that is on clearance. Buy all the extras you might need; specific undergarments, wedding comb, shoes, stocking, and so on. Veils are difficult to wear on the beach because of the wind conditions. You can try to wear the veil if you prefer, but arrange it so that it's removable if necessary.

Make sure all your friends bring their digital cameras. They can take pictures of the wedding and at the receptions. This is a very inexpensive way to get memorable pictures of your special event.

Show up at the wedding and enjoy a beach wedding on a budget with guests at hand. Afterwards ythe our guests will leave and you can enjoy your honeymoon without having to go anywhere else.