How to Plan a 25th Wedding Anniversary Party

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A 25th wedding anniversary is a big deal, as it signifies that you’ve been married for a full quarter of a century. In that time, you’ve doubtless made wonderful memories, overcome major challenges and perhaps raised a family. And when other couples chose to separate, your marriage withstood the test of time. That’s reason to celebrate. Fortunately, a 25th wedding anniversary party doesn’t have to be too difficult to put together.

Set a budget. Doing this first will ensure that you don’t get carried away as you plan your event. Make a list of everything you have to pay for and estimate of how much each thing will cost. Some items that might be on the list: location rental, decoration purchase or rental, flowers, invitation and mailing costs, food and drink, cake, photography and entertainment.

Choose the time and date. You likely will want to hold the party on a weekend near your anniversary date. When selecting the time, think about whether you want a daytime or night party. Also, figure out which of your guests' schedules you must work around. If you can't imagine celebrating without your children or parents or best friends, consider their availability.

Select a location. Decide if you will hold the party at your house, a family member’s home or some other venue, such as a restaurant or hotel. If your budget is small, stay close to home. If choosing a sought-after venue, it must be reserved well ahead of time.

Find a caterer, or create a menu if you will have friends and family members who will do the cooking. Find a local bakery to create a special cake for your event. Consult your budget, as this is an area where costs easily can get out of control.

Select a theme or central decorating idea and purchase or rent the needed decorations. This may include everything from table linens and chair covers to flowers and candles. For a 25th wedding anniversary party, consider having photos of you and your spouse printed in black and white and framed, then placed throughout the venue so that attendees can see you change through the years. Alternately, place the photos on top of the table linens and cover both with a glass top.

Arrange entertainment. Soft, romantic music playing in the background sets the mood for a 25th wedding anniversary party. Depending on your budget, create a playlist and use a digital music player at the venue, hire a DJ or even or have live entertainment. If you want alive band, plan time to interview options and get it booked.

Purchase or make the invitations and send them out. Use RSVPs so that you can get an accurate head count of attendees. This will affect both the size of the venue and the amount of food you have.

Arrange to have family and friends help set up the venue so you have plenty of time to get ready for the big event. If you haven't hired a photographer, make sure you have friends with cameras to take pictures for you.