How to Pick Boxers or Briefs

How to Pick Boxers or Briefs. When it comes to choosing boxers or briefs, men typically go for comfort, but there's more to it. A man's underwear drawer says a lot about him. For single men, washed-out purple BVD's could be a major deal breaker. Take some tips on how to pick the right tighty whities or studly briefs to maximize the return on your investment.

Keep it brief. If you're the athletic type and need that extra support, go for the briefs. If the briefs are strictly functional (for example, underwear to be worn under a team uniform) pick whatever color you want, although you may want to nix any colors that could show through.

Step it up a bit. Perhaps you like briefs for their non-bunching feature, but find the K-mart 3-packs leave much to be desired. Go to a department store or shop online at websites like Bare Necessities for brands like Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss and 2xist. The other perk to these sites is that you can sign up for e-mail deals.

Opt for boxers. Most men like boxer shorts for the loose comfort, convenient button flap and more attractive styles and designs. Designs range from holiday, sports teams and hobbies to solids, plaids and simple patterns. One downside to boxers is the gapping in the fly front that sometimes occurs.

Mix it up. For those men who can't decide between boxers and briefs or simply like the combination of function and style, give boxer briefs a try. Not only do they give you the best of both worlds, women find them sexy on the right build. Men like them because they give the support of briefs, the style of boxers, but they don't have to contend with bunching.

Stock up on an assortment. Some guys wear up to three pairs of underwear a day: boxers to work, briefs to the gym and a third pair after showering. Wear what works for your lifestyle.

Throw caution to the wind if you can't decide and go commando. Just pick a day when you don't plan on going for a jog.