How to Pick a Mother of the Bride Dress Color

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An ideal color for a mother of the bride dress is one that complements the bridal gown. Your daughter has announced her wedding day and the majority of preparations were already handled. Picking a mother of the bride dress is one element that leaves you a bit confused. The easiest solution is to consult with others directly involved in the wedding, in order to find the perfect dress to enhance your daughter's special day.

Meet with the bride and groom and discuss the main colors and themes for the wedding. Ask them if they have any color preferences for your dress. Although wearing white is not desirable by tradition, some brides may want their mother to wear white. It is always a good idea to get feedback from the bride and groom.

Go to major department stores at the mall to get an idea of what colors are in style. If your daughter is going for a traditional black and white wedding, you have a lot more autonomy in terms of color. Have an idea of what colors look good on you and the style of dress you are seeking.

Discuss with the mother of the groom what colors she is fond of if you are totally unsure of what you want. Normally both mothers want to wear colors that will not clash. Regarding length of sleeve and hem on the dress you do want to appear similarly styled. If she lives in a different city use online resources for major department stores so you can compare styles.

Call the mother of the groom once you make your color choice. She is not obligated to wear the same color, but sometimes both mothers choose to coordinate. As a matter of courtesy give her a call once you decide on a color for your dress.