How to Pick a College Graduation Gift

How to Pick a College Graduation Gift. If you know somebody graduating from college, you are probably thinking of the perfect gift to give him. Finishing college is always an achievement, one that should be celebrated not only by the graduate but also by the people around him. Rather than stressing over the perfect gift, explore your options and look for something to show that celebratory spirit.

Choose something related to her new career. Pick a coffee table book for somebody graduating from an arts college or a pair of binoculars for somebody facing a new life as a environmental expert. By choosing something related to the career, you will be showing that you took the time and effort to choose the right gift.

Think of a practical gift that would help the receiver get started in his new professional life. A monogrammed pen, a wooden desk set or kit or even a nice desk chair can seem too practical but it would mean much more to the college graduate in the long run.

Send the graduate off on a holiday. College is hard and exhausting work, and a short vacation can be a great way to celebrate graduation. You can choose a local destination if your budget is tight. Even a weekend at a spa or countryside bed and breakfast would be a great choice. Alternatively, pick a cruise or week-long vacation if money is not an object.

Pick a gift certificate if you cannot decide on the right gift. Certificates for bookstores and electronic supplies or even restaurants can make great gifts if you take the personality and interests of the receiver into consideration.

Visit for a large selection of unique items geared specially to the college graduate (see Resources below). Examples include a personalized crystal wine glass, a USB flash drive laser pen, graduation charm bracelets and a personalized graduation cartoon ready for framing.

Buy stocks from a company the graduate admires or one that is related to his career. You can buy single stocks from almost any company, from Coca Cola to Google. Not only do they make great gifts, but they can also be a great way of encouraging the graduate to start a savings or investment portfolio.