How to Perm Eyelashes

How to Perm Eyelashes. A number of salons and beauty shops offer eyelash perms. The process makes your lashes look longer and more lustrous by giving the lashes a small amount of curl. It's the same effects you'd see if you used an eyelash curler, except that it lasts much longer. Instead of paying the high fees at the salon, you can easily do the same thing at home.

Use a makeup remover to take off all traces of makeup from around the eyes. Then clean the eyes using water and a soft cloth. Air dry for several minutes.

Place a handful of cotton pads, usually 6 to 8, in warm water and give them a good wring with your hands. If you have contact lenses, now is the time to take them out.

Take your curling rod out of its packaging and bend it to fit your eye. You may need to trim it down if you have smaller eyes. Cover your lower eyelid with one of the cotton pads.

Squeeze the glue onto your lower eyelid and place the rod on top of the glue. Then add another coating of glue onto the top of the rod. The glue will hold the lashes in place so you can better see the area.

Place a small amount of the perm solution onto the applicator stick and dab it onto your eyelashes.

Wait 10 to 15 minutes before removing the perm solution from your lashes. Use one of the cotton pads you soaked earlier to wipe off the solution and remove any traces of the glue.

Wipe down your face with another cotton pad and move onto the second eye. If the curl isn't strong enough you can wait a few minutes before trying the process again.